Naming new members

Please contact one of the members of the Eph nomenclature committee in any of the following cases:

For example, if a molecule has previously been cloned from human, and you have identified the chicken ortholog. Please contact us even if you think you are in no doubt about what to call it. Cases can arise (and have) where one group thinks a molecule is a new member, whereas another group thinks it is an ortholog of an existing member. Please contact us to ensure that this does not result in future confusion or ambiguity in the literature.

We do not at this point have a formal recommendation for nomenclature of splice variants, but the committee has agreed on some guidelines. Also, contacting us will help avoid inconsistent or conflicting names being used by different groups.

Any information you send will be kept confidential. Also, you are welcome to specify one or more committee members to whom you do not want particular information to go.