Frog and Fish Nomenclature

To date, the nomenclature has not formally been extended to fish and amphibians.

The committee felt that it would be best to proceed with publishing the nomenclature for warm-blooded species only, since there are no obvious ambiguities in assigning orthologs. On the other hand, there currently seem to be potential ambiguities in determining which (if any) is the mammalian ortholog of a particular frog/fish ligand or receptor. We hope that this will become less of a problem as more information becomes available on the receptors and ligands from all species, and we hope to integrate frogs and fish into the general nomenclature.

A subcommittee for the frog/fish nomenclature has been formed who would welcome any questions, comments or proposals. We encourage all those who wish to participate in discussions on this issue to contact the members of the subcommittee.

Until frogs and fish have been integrated into the unified nomenclature by a scheme that is generally agreeable, the committee in 1997 felt it would be preferable not to extend the new ephrin/eph nomenclature for frog and fish molecules, since this may lead to new confusion and ambiguity, not only for frogs and fish, but for other species as well. We want to do everything possible to avoid this.

If you have any questions or concerns about naming frog or fish molecules, feel free to contact the members of the Eph Nomenclature Committee, or the Subcommittee for frog and fish nomenclature. Any information you send will be kept confidential. Also, you are welcome to specify one or more committee members you do not want particular information to go to.

Frog/fish subcommittee