Nomenclature site for the Eph receptors and their ligands, the ephrins

This web page carries information on the nomenclature of the ephrins and their receptors, the Eph receptor tyrosine kinases. A nomenclature for these cell-cell signaling molecules was published in August 1997. This website is intended to provide further information, to address any questions, and to coordinate future changes or additions to the nomenclature.

Nomenclature letter

Published in Cell 90, 403-404, 1997

Nomenclature tables and diagrams

Relationships between new and old names, gene locus symbols, and sequence homology trees.

How to name new members, orthologs, gene loci, splice variants

Please read this before naming any new family member, gene locus or splice variant, or if you have identified a new ortholog [species homolog] of one of the existing molecules. If in doubt about using the nomenclature, feel free to contact us - it's better than risking confusion in the literature.

Frog and Fish nomenclature

The nomenclature has not formally been extended to fish and amphibians. However, the nomenclature committee would welcome any comments or proposals on this.

The Eph Nomenclature Committees

Please contact us with any comments or questions

The Eph Nomenclature Committee thanks Bob Freeman of the Research Computing Center at Harvard Medical School for constructing and hosting this site.